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Great Idea! Now how can we ensure the outcome is entirely successful?

Once John becomes interested in something, it’s pretty hard to shake his focus. A few years ago he drove his wife’s newly purchased Toyota Prius, and something about the electric part of the drive system connected for him. Electric vehicles have been a pursuit and a passion ever since. Electric cars dovetail with John’s passion for renewable energy and energy efficiency. That interest dates back to 2001, well before climate change became fashionable, when John found his focus on alternative energy technologies. He’s pursued projects through both volunteer and professional roles becoming a knowledgeable expert in both the technologies and the business metrics surrounding them.

John’s enthusiasm and expertise lies in ensuring that a process, a plan and operations are all executed in a way that leads to successful outcomes. His approach ensures attention is paid to all the possibilities that could hamper best laid plans, and integrates insights into the dynamic interactions between people, ideas, machines and money. It’s a perspective that he has developed over the past 25+ years in a series of increasingly senior business roles. Tackling complex projects has never been an obstacle for John.

Since qualifying as a Chartered Accountant at the Vancouver and Toronto offices of KPMG in the mid 1980’s, John has held senior financial officer roles in companies ranging from start-ups to national telcos. This broad experience and training provided deep insights into a wide variety of business operations, from billing systems, manufacturing lines, regulatory submissions and compliance, to corporate governance and public company financial reporting.

As a founder of a number of start-ups and executive with early stage companies, John knows firsthand the issues that entrepreneurs face. Drawing on his experience as an officer of publicly traded companies, he offers insights and guidance for companies with trajectories towards being a public company, for mergers and acquisitions, as well as for those who may want to explore other vehicles for growth and financing.

Prior to beginning his consulting practice, John was CFO and Strategic Planning and Treasurer for Day4 Energy Inc., an international manufacturer of leading solar photovoltaic modules. He played a key role in the oversight of international financial operations and corporate activities in Germany and Italy and lead the company’s $100 million IPO in December 2007 on the TSX.







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