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Components and Specifications

Figures : Clockwise from top left: Front and Rear views of twin motor/torquecombiner/rearbattery pack(23cells) assembly; fuel void battery pack(6cells); forward trunk battery pack(7cells).

Key Component Listing (Sourced in 2010)

  • Twin AC-31 AC induction motors and Curtis Controllers 7501

  • 36 Thundersky 160Ah Lithium iron phosphate batteries

  • BRUSA 3.3kW charger (110-250VAC input)

  • E-Lithion Battery Management System

  • Electric vacuum pump: MES70-6E2 12VDC 5A max

  • PS Hydraulic Pump: CEV Power Steering kit 12VDC 60A max

  • Cooling Pump: Swiftech MCP655-B 12VDC 1.7A max

  • 12V Battery Charging from main traction pack: IOTA DLS-75

    • Pending upgrade: Vicor VA-D/J Maxi 600W

Exploding view of Torque Combiner Assembly from SigRen on Vimeo 

Boxster EV Features

  • Logic controlled drive start sequence, and BMS and emergency integration

  • Electric forward/reverse switch, integrated with backup lights and warning buzzer. Gear reverse has separate warning buzzer. If both electric reverse and gear reverse engaged at the same time - both buzzers sound, and the car will go forward. (I never use gear reverse anymore)

  • Active and Passive regen braking, with fingertip control for active regeneration, integrated with brake lights.

  • Fully programmable controllers, charging system, and BMS

  • Supplementary instrumentation for dual controllers, 12V battery monitor, and LED indicator lights monitoring cooling, BMS On, and accelerator pedal status, and fault lights for cooling jacket over temperature, inertia switch trip, and heater fault condition.

  • Power Steering (manual switch); Power Brakes

  • Complete functionality of stock Porsche accessories, features and lighting, with the exception of air conditioning, which was removed as a feature of the car.

Figure : Boxster EV console w/ (counter clockwise from upper left) 3 supplementary stock console switches, main contactor switch, BMS SoC display, dual controller dispays, electric forward/reverse switch; active regen single axis joystick (mounted on gear shift lever), LED indicators, and passenger eject button. The two red push buttons at the bottom of the console scroll through the available screens of each controller display: RPM, A, V, Motor Temp, Controller Temp.
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